ZEBRA BLINDS are the latest in light filtering window treatments. Zebra Blinds are a modern blind that combine the elegance and style of venetian blinds with the ease of use of roller blinds

They are a unique blind and provide the perfect combination of shade, roller blinds and venetian blinds, Offering excellent light control and privacy. These shades are made from high quality polyester fabric to suit all tastes

Product Features:

  • Pet and child friendly. No long cords or loose parts.
  • UV protection, light filtering reducing energy costs.
  • Roll up direction allowing maximum control.
  • Continues cord movement- makes positing of the straps easy and precise.
  • Zebra effect, allowing full light control- Low to high.
  • Easy to install- every blind contains the necessary hardware.
  • Aluminum head rail and bottom hem bar.

Our Zebra blinds let you with no trouble control the amount of light entering a room by raising or lowering them, or you can allow some light to filter into the room by tilting and aligning the panels. Their innovative design allows you to see out, preserve your privacy, open up to the world, or have anything in-between.