One of the most benefits of wood blinds is that they can actually add value to your home, making the installation of wood blinds an investment rather than a cost in the eyes of the homeowner.

One of the main benefits of installing wood Blinds in your home or business is that wood is an insulator, creating a natural barrier between property exterior and the interior of the room. In the summertime, less heat will get into your home and through the winter, less heat will get away from your room. Wood Blinds will also reduce noise and provide a high level of security in that they perfectly block any viewing from exterior.

When buying timber venetian blinds for your Perth home you want blinds that not only look great, but also offer complete privacy, protection from the sun’s UV rays and effective light control. With a selection of designs, sizes and wood finishes we can help you to find the perfect wood blind that for your home or business. Our wood blinds are made from 100% wood and finished in a high-quality painted end.